Andrew and Steve have a chat with Bernie O'Fagan and find out, eventually, he's from Christchurch. He's also done a few races including the Tahoe 200 ...View Details

Andrew (68 on Kepler waitlist) and Steve (with Kepler entry) chat with Shaun McWhirter about what’s it’s like at last place on the waitlist. Andrew fe...View Details

Being Stood Up

On being stood up by their guest Andrew eats his spaghetti for dinner and Steve drinks a beer while having a good chat. Topics include the Great Naseb...View Details

Peter Thomson aka Pakeha rambling around Dunedin in the 1860s and 70s and wrote about it. In this episode Peter comes back to life to tell us of his e...View Details

Andrew and Steve call up Glenn Sutton's support crew. Glenn is going for a wee run from Milford Sound to Mt Cook. Only about 580km. He's nearly at 500...View Details

Andrew and Steve gate-crash a party at Andrew McDowall's place to talk to Chris Bisley, winner of the Riverhead Relaps Backyard Ultra. Topics include ...View Details

One of the stars of the book, Born to Run, Barefoot Ted describes himself as a feral child who escaped adulthood. He plays by his own rules and wants ...View Details

Steve talks to Lord of the Rings fan, sandal wearing ultra runner, anti-slavery campaigner, IT guru, and adopted kiwi hobbit adventurer, Naresh Kumar....View Details

Steve talks to young explorer, climber, runner and ecologist, Maddy Whittaker. Maddy and 3 friends took on an epic 2 month high alpine traverse of the...View Details

The boys zoom in for a chat with Scott Worthington the creator of the Revenant ultra endurance run. We hear about Scott's history in racing and always...View Details

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