Steve and Andrew zoom off to a camper van on the East Cape to catch up with homeless man Jim Kerse. Jim was the first kiwi to run the Western States w...View Details

Whisky in The Jar

Steve and Andrew catch up with Brook and talk Te Araroa. Then Adam turns up late and we talk about stuff. Running gets a mention but so does Covid 19,...View Details

Everything you wanted to know but were too scared to ask! Steve zooms off to chat to Kerry Suter, a reasonably fast runner and now co-owner of Squadru...View Details

This week we bring in a couple of guest interviewers to interview Adam Keen to find out what, apart from Crush the Cargill, has made him so savage. We...View Details

Steve meets Chris Townley, one of the founders of the Blue Lake 24 Hour Race held somewhere near the anus of New Zealand. The conversation sways betwe...View Details

Adam hits out on his own to talk to local Queenstown badass James Harcombe. James holds the fastest known time for running around Wales. He has also r...View Details

Lockdown Around the World

It's a global pandemic! We're all in the same boat! Or are we? Steve gets sick of talking about running and zooms off around the world to talk to some...View Details

Anna Frost

The boys catch up with Mt Cargill local Anna Frost to discuss how running long distances suck, why Grant Guise is to blame for everything and Andrew's...View Details

Andrew, Adam and Steve zoom off to rural Pennsylvania for a chat with Chris McDougall and his donkey, Sherman. He's well-known as the author of the be...View Details

Andrew and Steve catch up for a casual chat with Josh Smythe; fire spinner, yoga teacher, psychology graduate, student politician, new dad and Dunedin...View Details

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